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Welcome on DiagProg III (DP3) website

DiagProg III (DP3) is the most advanced device in the world.

The mileage adjustments and auto meter digital meter are covered by several tools in the world .

It is important to learn and respect the legislation of your country before using any products diagprog3.fr

The DP3 from home diagprog 3 is designed by the company elprosys in their development center . Mileage correction meter reprogramming , reprogramming counter jet ski, adjustment time slots Porsche and other work odometer programming are part of the meter adjustment possibilities offered by the DP3 .

The diagprog3 not Tachojustierung also because of the opportunities to test airbag housings and can make the diagnosis are also included in this product , unlike similar tools such as digaconsult , or enigmatool the DP3 is the only to offer packages for each brand to cover only your needs and do not buy unnecessary products that you would not need .

All our diagprog3 package are scalable and can of course be activate map software , updates are also very regular and in most of the free time for basic things or eeprom .

Our team remains at your disposal for all your questions

Wait no more to use your equipment !

Get your activation within 4 hours during regular business hours .